New Release :: Total Slacker :: THRASHIN' :: Released on mid or end of August!

Tucker Rountree can shred. Though you may not know from watching him lead a Total Slacker show, or even listening to a song, but the lanky Brooklyn golden-hair has even played with renowned guitarist Eric Johnson.  Much like a technically proficient painter chooses to paint with abstraction rather than landscapes, Rountree chooses the jangly, pop-infused chords rather than hammer-ons and scales for Total Slacker.  These ideals intact, the slow-drip Total Slacker creates easy-going pop melodies akin to Bowie/Ronson-produced Transformer and though the band early on had roots in lo-fi, its seems they’ve  ditched that for a glossier production on their upcoming release THRASHIN. Album-opener”Psychic Mesa” seethes with crunchy guitar and words of an eerie combine of hippies, farmers, and other stranger characters all living amongst each other and gaining magic powers from living on an alien crash/burial site. There is abstraction for you. ( via weeklytapedeck )

Total Slacker :: THRASHIN' :: Tape

Side A

1. Psychic Mesa
2. Shitty Baby
3. Secret VHS Collection
4. These Condos Don't Belong
5. Magical Date Night
6. Stuck in '93
7. Life on Easy Street

Side B

8. Thyme Traveling High School Dropout
9. Stealing from Salvation Army
10. No Mo 4Loko
11. Koolz McRulez

Limited 150

( Released :: Mid - End of August, 2011 )

Pre-Order Here :: http://sixteentambourines.bigcartel.com/

Total Slacker - Psychic Mesa by Sixteen Tambourines Recs
Total Slacker - Secret VHS Collection by Sixteen Tambourines Recs

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