OUT NOW! | Alice Cohen | Wild Vines and Tenement Shrines | TAPE + T-Shirts

Alice Cohen is a New York City based American singer, songwriter and fine artist.  She worked with Coasting, Greatest Hits, Pigeons and more as art producer.  New Album was released by special cassette with T shirts.  But Sorry...  Almost sold out at the present moment...  Please check out in out shop for your size!

Alice Cohen | Wild Vines and Tenement Shrines

Side A 

1. Fireflies 
2. Never Come Down sounds sample
3. Jungle of Vines 
4. Celestial Skylines

Side B 

1. Traffic Jam Heartbeat 
2. Eulogy For A Tree
3. Dèrive sounds sample
4. Tenement Lines

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T Shirts 

(inches) Width / Length 
Youth L 19 / 25
Small 18 / 27 
Medium 20 / 28 
Large 22 / 29 

Limited 50