Julia Holter | Eating The Stars + Live on KDVS | DOUBLE TAPE | Released on 07 July

Tokyo imprint Sixteen Tambourines is again well ahead of all things hip and nifty with their forthcoming release of Julia Holter‘s Eating the Stars cassette, due toward the end of June – though actually we’re not talking about a “new” effort but rather about the re-release of an album that originally had been put out on CD by Human Ear in 2007 and that had been out of print for the last three years. Strictly limited to only 40 copies, the tape features eight tunes of the LA-based experimental folk artist. Office of the Dead perfectly exemplifies what her music is about, complex yet fragile and beautiful folk arranged that are carried by Holter’s sweet and crystal-clear voice, enriched with quite a lot of nature-leaning chirps and squeaks.

Pre-order Eating the Stars here, or head over here to grab the even more exciting double cassette, coming bundled with a rad Live on KDVS tape. (via NO FEAR OF POP)

DOUBLE TAPE | Limited 45
SINGLE TAPE | Limited 40

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:: Eating the Stars ::

Side A
1. Neighbor Neighbor
2. Je Vivroie Liement
3. Office of the Dead
4. Saint Eulalia

Side B
1. 50 Bunny Rabbits
2. Don't Dream it's Over
3. With Loue to Toune
4. Willow Weep

Julia Holter - Office of the Dead by Sixteen Tambourines Recs

:: Live on KDVS ::

Side A
1. In the Same Room
2. Je Vivroie Liement
3. Minerals
4. Monocular Eyes

Side B
1. A Gold Thunder
2. Fur Felix
3. Moni Mon Amie


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