STR 013 Porcelain Raft :: Ghosts of The Perfect Language :: Cassette

STR 013 Porcelain Raft
Ghosts of The Perfect Language :: Cassette
RELEASED on mid January, 2011

This cassettes drop limited 150 cassette,
a metallic silver printing on clear cassette.

Porcelain Raft :: Ghosts of The Perfect Language

1. Come Closer ( exclusive )
2. Dragonfly
3. Gone Blind
4. Stained Glass
5. The Back of My Eyes
6. Tip of Your Tongue

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Subtle reverbed textures, a throbbing rhythm that sounds like a human heart, and a singer that pronounces the word "tip" like it has three or four "e"s stuck in it-- Porcelain Raft mastermind Mauro Remiddi's from Sweden, right? Well, no: he's originally from Rome, but he lives in London now, and over the past year he's been making the kind of intimate-sounding, homespun guitar pop that seems to be in short supply these days. He's done sparkling, slow-burning anthems ("Dragonfly"), as well as amorphous; "Tip of Your Tongue", on the other hand, sounds lovingly ripped from the catalog of venerable Swedish indie Labrador, right down to the way the strung-out guitar lines intertwine. The melody is instantly familiar and earworm-worthy-- so much the former, in fact, that you might rack your brain for a while trying to think of where you've previously heard it. Which brings you back to the title. ( via Pitchfork of October 19, 2010 )

If you’re a fan of Beach House, you may as well stop reading now and skip down to the song at the bottom of this post ? this is definitely for you. The whole dream pop thing has been tried by many, but few manage to pull it off with the skilful elegance that it requires ? which is what made Teen Dream so exceptional upon it’s release. He might not have an album out yet, but Porcelain Raft’s efforts to date certainly rank higher than most in scaling the heights of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally’s effort from earlier in the year.
That’s not to say that the songs made are merely replicating an a near-perfect formula ? Mauro Remiddi is the person behind the moniker, and there’s a personality within these icy, distant beats. Each track is an exercise in balancing pure pop and atmospheric ambience, with the results differing only in their style but rarely in their magnificence. ‘Tip of your Tongue’ could easily be on some of the better commercial radio stations thanks to it’s catchy chorus, but you’d be hard pressed to find ‘I found a way’ gracing even the most experimental graveyard shift show. ( via THE PIGEON POST of June 28, 2010 )

We have new releases in beginning of 2011.  
One of these is for Porcelain Raft.  
We really want to release Porcelain Raft's songs since summer in 2010.  
So, really love and joyous that our label can release this cassette.  

thank you so much x

Sixteen Tambourines Records

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