Knitted Abyss

Knitted Abyss are 2girls band by Anna and Lucy, and based in Australia. their playing style is exceptional. It bring us medication feeling and atmosphere.

They launched some product. Furthermore, it's all by cassette.

* SUMMER BARN (on Near Tapes) Cassette

n Night People) Cassette SOLD OUT
the tunes are described by words like a dark, psychedelic, goth and reverberation.

But the cassette is already SOLD OUT...

* SPRING BARN (on Bum Tapes) Cassette C34

Limited 40 tapes and
all cassette tapes' art work are different! It's amazing.

typed as "THE YIN" on one side and "THE YANG" on the other side.

Fortunately, we could get "WINTER BURN" and "SPRING BURN" !

great x


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